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Welcome from Augum's Pen Works
On behalf of Lorie and Josh from Augum's Pen Works and ourselves here at Timber Turners, we would like to extend a welcome to you!

We are still shaking off some dust, but other than that, we will take the same care of you as you have experienced before from Augum's!

We will be offering all of the same products (and more!) including crushed stone!

Our prices are going to be right in line and we will offer the same top notch service you have come to expect!

As a gesture of our welcoming you, for the next 6 months (from Feb 20th, 2012 to August 20th, 2012) you will receive an additional 5% off by using the code below:



If you see (or don’t see) anything you would like to have changed or added, please use our comment form!

Again, Welcome!


Bruce and Penelope